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Welcome and Thank You for Your Support!

You are in the right place to support our group or organization by purchasing these fun novelty socks for yourself, family, or friends as they make great gifts. Notice that there is a unique “ref/XX/” number in the URL above, that is your assurance that all of the socks you purchase from this site will go towards helping us reach our fundraising goal!

Don’t forget Easter and Mother’s Day socks!

There is a two (2) pair minimum order, with a discount for purchasing 5 to 9 pairs and an even larger discount at 10 or more pairs. Shipping and handling, directly to you, is calculated based on where you live and how many socks you purchase.  Thanks for helping us!

If you have any questions there is an FAQ link above, thank you again for helping to make this our best fundraiser ever!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have reached this site without a unique fundraising link please contact us to learn how fundraising with novelty socks can work for your organization or group.

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